Architectural, Commercial, Construction/General Contracting, Millwork and Cabinetry
New Mexico

Job Description

Prepare and submit detailed takeoff and cost proposals for custom casework, institutional casework, architectural millwork, and specialties products. The millwork estimator will work with project management teams and purchasing teams to handoff awarded projects into production. Work to receive and organize all bid proposal invite project documents and addenda into operation database so that adequate bid proposals can be submitted at requested deadlines.


Hands on casework and millwork fabrication experience. This candidate will need experience with casework and millwork takeoff and estimating activities with an understanding of project deliverables, project financials, drawing and specification understanding, customer service oriented, leadership skills, entrepreneurial ambition, good people skills, focus on discipline, disciplined at communication, and open to change. Proficiency in current technology, computer skills and excellent organizational and time management skills are required

Job Features

Job CategoryEstimating
Recruitment ContactCraig Mengel (417) 214-5082
Salary Range$60,000.00+ annual salary commensurate
BenefitsHealth insurance, optional life insurance, 401K, PTO and holiday pay
Years in Business74
Annual RevenueN/A
Manufacturing Square FootageN/A
Area InformationPopulation 556,092 Median Age 36 Median Household Income $47,030 Median Home Price $185,300
State Tax InformationState Tax Rate: 5.125% (prescription drugs exempt); county and city taxes may add another 3.9375%. Certain food and medical expenses are exempt. Gasoline Tax: 37.28 cents/gallon (Includes all taxes) Diesel Fuel Tax: 47.28 cents/gallon (Includes all taxes) Cigarette Tax: $1.66/pack of 20 Personal Income Taxes (Click here) (Brackets, deductions, exemptions, and tax rate range) Medical/Dental Deduction: Credit of 3% of unreimbursed prescription drug expenses to maximum of $150 per individual or $300 per return. Also, if you or your spouse are age 65 and over and have unreimbursed or uncompensated medical care expenses of $28,000 or more for yourself, your spouse or dependents during the tax year, you are eligible for a credit of $2,800. Federal Income Tax Deduction: None Retirement Income Taxes: The state offers a low- and middle income exemption. The maximum exemption is $2,500. To qualify, the amount on line 7 of the state income tax form must be equal to or less than $36,667 (single), $27,500 (married filing separately), or $55,000 (married filing jointly). A deduction also applies for those 65 and older if your adjusted gross income is not over $51,000 for a joint return, $28,500 for a single taxpayer, or $25,500 for a married taxpayer filing separately. Retired Military Pay: See above. Military Disability Retired Pay: Retirees who entered the military before Sept. 24, 1975, and members receiving disability retirements based on combat injuries or who could receive disability payments from the VA are covered by laws giving disability broad exemption from federal income tax. Most military retired pay based on service-related disabilities also is free from federal income tax, but there is no guarantee of total protection. VA Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: VA benefits are not taxable because they generally are for disabilities and are not subject to federal or state taxes. Military SBP/SSBP/RCSBP/RSFPP: Generally subject to state taxes for those states with income tax. Check with state department of revenue office. Property Taxes All property, whether real or personal, is subject to state and local property taxes. Rates vary substantially and depend on property type and location. The statewide weighted average rates, i.e., total obligations/total net taxable value, are about $26.47 per $1,000 for residential property and $29.80 per $1,000 for non-residential property. Assessors usually determine market value by the sales-comparison approach which matches a property’s value to that of similar properties. The valuation of a residence that did not change hands in the prior year may not increase by more than 3% annually. One-third of the property’s market value (assessment) is its taxable value. The taxable value may be further reduced by exemptions of $2,000 each for heads of households and $4,000 for veterans. There is a property tax rebate for residents age 65 and older. This rebate is for property tax billed or rent paid during the tax year on a principal place of residence in New Mexico and is available to those with a modified gross income of $16,000 or less. The property tax rebate cannot exceed $250 or, for a married taxpayer filing a separate return, the rebate cannot exceed $125. Call 505-827-0870 for details. For details on property taxes, click here. . Inheritance and Estate Taxes There is no inheritance tax, but an inheritance may be reflected in a taxpayer’s modified gross income and taxed that way. New Mexico does not impose an estate tax on decedents who died after Jan. 1, 2005. For further information, visit the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department site.
Annual WeatherAnnual high temperature: 68.8°F Annual low temperature: 45.4°F Average temperature: 57.1°F Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 9.39 inch Days per year with precipitation - rainfall: - Annual hours of sunshine: - Av. annual snowfall: 10 inch
School Ratingabove average (7-10)

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