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Job Description

Well established manufacturer of commercial architectural millwork is seeking a new candidate for a Project Manager.
analyze job requirements, define scope, determine resource requirements and establish production schedule and deadlines.
Provide detailed project schedules with critical milestones.
Communicate directly with contractors, architects, vendors and subcontractors in a professional manner.
Take field measurements if necessary.
Prepare and work with others to prepare detailed and comprehensive shop drawings.
Work within a team to review job requirements, manage changes in drawings and additions to clearly define path of construction.
Request and submit submittals for samples in conjunction with engineering.
Coordinate production and control quality.
attend subcontractor meetings and prepare documentation.
Handle onsite coordination with contractors and subs.
Formulate RFI’s and negotiate change orders.
Monitor and communicate project budgets.
Maintain material deliveries.
Review and approve billing.
Ensure adherence to contract specifications.
Coordinate timelines and follow-up to ensure goals are met.

Eligibility Requirements

5+ years’ experience in commercial architectural millwork project management field
Experience with AutoCAD or other overwrite engineering software is a plus.
CNC and past bench experience is highly desired.
Ability to manage multiple projects and manage effectively.
Thorough knowledge and understanding of blueprints and drawings.

Job Features

Job CategoryProject Management/Site Supervision
Recruitment ContactCraig Mengel (417) 214-5082
Salary Range$65,000.00 to $90,000.00 annual salary commensurate
Benefitshealth, 401K. Paid holiday and time off
Years in Business22
Annual Revenue11 million
Manufacturing Square Feet80K sq. ft.
Area InformationPopulation 23,218 Median Age 32 Median Household Income $49,774 Median Home Price $171,100
State Tax InformationSales Taxes State Sales Tax: 6.0% (food, prescription and non-prescription drugs exempt) Gasoline Tax: 51.90 cents/gallon (Includes all taxes) Diesel Fuel Tax: 58.65 cents/gallon (Includes all taxes) Cigarette Tax: $2.00/pack of 20 Personal Income Taxes (Click here) (Brackets, deductions, exemptions, and tax rate range) Medical/Dental Deduction: Federal amount. If you purchase a long-term care insurance contract for yourself or certain members of your family, you may be eligible for a credit of up to $500 for each insured. To qualify for the credit, the insured must be all of the following: a spouse, parent, stepparent, child, or stepchild; a Maryland resident; not covered by long-term care insurance before July 1, 2000; not claimed the credit for the insured by another taxpayer this year; and not claimed the credit for the insured by anyone in any other tax year. Federal Income Tax Deduction: None Retirement Income Taxes: Social Security and Railroad Retirement income are not taxed. If you are 65 or older or totally disabled (or your spouse is totally disabled), you may qualify for Maryland’s maximum pension exclusion of $29,900 under certain conditions. If you’re eligible, you may be able to subtract some of your taxable pension and retirement annuity income from your federal adjusted gross income. Out-of-state government pensions do not qualify for the exemption. Click here for details. Retired Military Pay: Up to $5,000 of military retirement income received by a qualifying individual during the tax year if the taxpayer has not yet attained the age of 65; or up to $10,000 of military retirement income received by a qualifying individual if the taxpayer is age 65 or over. To qualify, you must have been a member of an active or reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, an active duty member of the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Coast and Geodetic Survey, a member of the Maryland National Guard, or the member’s surviving spouse or ex-spouse. Click here for details. Military Disability Retired Pay: Retirees who entered the military before Sept. 24, 1975, and members receiving disability retirements based on combat injuries or who could receive disability payments from the VA are covered by laws giving disability broad exemption from federal income tax. Most military retired pay based on service-related disabilities also is free from federal income tax, but there is no guarantee of total protection. VA Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: VA benefits are not taxable because they generally are for disabilities and are not subject to federal or state taxes. Military SBP/SSBP/RCSBP/RSFPP: Generally subject to state taxes for those states with income tax. Check with state department of revenue office. Property Taxes Real property is valued at its full cash value. Property tax rates vary widely. No restrictions or limitations on property taxes are imposed by the state, meaning cities and counties can set tax rates at the level they deem necessary to fund governmental services. These rates can increase, decrease or remain the same from year to year. Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit Program allows credits against the homeowner’s property tax bill if the property taxes exceed a fixed percentage of the person’s gross income. In other words, it sets a limit on the amount of property taxes any homeowner must pay based upon his or her income. This plan has been in existence since 1975 when it was known as the “circuit breaker” plan for elderly homeowners. The plan was called circuit breaker because it shut off the property tax bill at a certain point just like an electric circuit breaker shuts off the current when the circuit becomes overloaded. The Maryland General Assembly has improved the plan through the years so that now this program is available to all homeowners regardless of their age, and the credits are given where needed based upon the person’s income. A Property Tax Deferral Program allows property owners 65 or over to defer the increase in their property tax bill. Local governments must approve the program. The deferred taxes become a lien on the property and must be repaid when the property is transferred. A Renters’ Tax Credit Program provides up to $1,000 a year for those age 60 and over or 100% disabled if they qualify on the basis of income. For details on property taxes, click here or call 410-767-1184. Inheritance and Estate Taxes Maryland collects an inheritance tax. Property passing to a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, or sibling is exempt from taxation. Property passing to other individuals is subject to a 10% tax rate. A return is required for every estate whose federal gross estate, plus adjusted taxable gifts, plus property for which a Maryland qualified terminal interest property (QTIP) election which previously made on a Maryland estate tax return filed for the estate of the decedent’s predeceased spouse, equals or exceeds the Maryland estate tax exemption amount for the year of the decedent’s death, and the decedent at the date of death was a Maryland resident or a non-resident but owned real or tangible personal property having a taxable situs in Maryland. The filing requirement varies depending on the year of the decedent’s death, and the federal exemption amount is $4,000,000 for 2018. For more information on inheritance taxes click here. For estate tax information, click here. For further information on Maryland taxes in general, visit the Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury site. You can also call 410-260-7980.
Annual WeatherAnnual high temperature: 66.3°F Annual low temperature: 50.6°F Average temperature: 58.45°F Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 40.72 inch Days per year with precipitation - rainfall: 111 days Annual hours of sunshine: 2579 hours Av. annual snowfall: -
School Ratingabove average (7-10)

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