Trade Job Placement continues to make investments in our business model during this slow-down in our economy. Many might ask why I would invest working capital during a crisis like we are experiencing, to which I answer “there isn’t a greater citizenship on earth with the resolve and dedication to come back stronger, than in America”!

Trade Job Placement will be prepared at an even higher level to assist hiring companies and job seekers alike as soon as this nonsense ends! The changes we have made are put in place to ensure that we find our candidates opportunities faster!

If you or someone you know are out of work, or just looking for your next advancement, we are ready to assist you.
Even in today’s atmosphere, there are still a number of companies looking for talented new employees. These are companies who offer great starting wages, career advancement opportunity, benefits and who are well respected for their business model, practices and employee retention. Best wishes and God bless each of you!