Recruitment companies can often be a manufacturers ear to industry issues. We are privy to growing areas of the economy, the nation and manufacturing sectors. We hear the likes, dislikes and have daily conversations with companies and candidate’s alike nation and in some cases worldwide. However, recruitment companies are often treated as vultures and only a necessary evil in some cases. This (the) same can be stated in relation to how many job seekers feel likewise in relation to what they have experienced while working with a recruitment company.

In defense of manufacturers, I will be the first to point out that the above image is sometimes earned by recruitment companies who choose to chase the all mighty dollar ahead of their customer and candidate’s well-being. It is my belief that anyone facilitating and monitoring the discussions being made between a hiring company and job seeker, can often manipulate or steer the conversation so that each party hears what they want and are diverted from potential red flags. For this reason, I feel it is important to let the conversation play out between the hiring company and job seeker with no interference or insight from our recruiting staff. It also eliminates liability issues from presenting themselves in relation to any misrepresentation which another party may feel occurred. TJP is sometimes criticized for not offering or participating in background checks, past employment, references, however I do not believe it is conducive to anyone for a third party to give “essentially” their take on the information received.

When I made the decision to develop TJP I used my many years of personal interaction with recruiter and talent acquisitioning staff. This interaction lead to the establishment of TJP processes which I felt would add value and make TJP more inviting to both job seekers and hiring companies. To this day I still work to take what I have learned with each of our relationships and improve upon it. Our relationship with hiring companies is “more often than not” started because a company has a position, they are having a difficult time filling. This can be due to the requirements the position has, the experience factor, skills which require some form of collegiate or trade school attendance, yet the one common denominator we have found which lends itself to a company struggling to fill a position is the exhaustion of their commutable employment base. Our trade “woodworking” has been around for a very long time and to those who are looking for employment within the trade and those looking to hire, it is often a case where all parties are aware of each other within a given commutable area and it will be necessary to reach out and bring someone from another area to fill the position. This often creates a misunderstanding as to how a company is accustomed to hiring and what will be required to attract others from other areas to relocate and accept the position. There is a disparity in what a person within a commutable area will accept and those who are being pursued to relocate and it is predominantly driven by pay, followed by benefits and opportunity to advance. This invariably opens the painful discussion between a recruiter and hiring company involving their need to pay more than they are accustomed to attract the talent they are seeking. Keep in mind that our success lives or dies in relation to our earning a company’s respect and their viewing that our service brings them value. It does not behoove us to mislead our customers and we certainly gain nothing from a lost customer. Customers should be able to trust that the information they are given is in line with what we are seeing nationwide and based on similar job searches success or failure.

Candidates should be able to trust that a recruiter has a good relationship and understanding of these company’s overall history regarding employee turnover. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify those who are “let’s say” known to have a reputation for greater than normal turnover. This alone is the single largest attribute TJP looks to identify due to our predominantly causing a job seeker to leave their current employment, uproot their family and relocate to a new area. The tenure of a recruitment company’s placements should be an indicator to their adherence and concern in this area. TJP is proud to enjoy placements who are and have been with the same company we placed them with years ago and we continue to attempt to improve on this as one of the most important parts of our future success. Candidates should equally trust that their involvement with a recruiter is discreet and that they can keep their finger on the pulse of potential career improving opportunity without it circling back and causing them problems in their current positions. Sure, a candidate can review job boards on their own without others being privy to such, but this will fall short of a recruiters ability to review you against new positions daily and one should be able to do so knowing that the recruitment company ensures such. TJP never broadcasts or discusses information regarding job seekers who utilize our service and our candidates know their personal information will never be released without their written authorization.

It is TJP’s goal to become a partner with our customers and a trusted advocate for our job seekers. We are privy to information that when properly handled can be beneficial for all who we are honored to assist or partner with. Much like any other relationship, the bonds that can be made with our customers and candidates is exactly as expected with any human relationship and if broken can be forgiven but never trusted again. We are blessed to be a part of an industry which has been instrumental in man’s advancement, well being and betterment since the dawn of time and TJP is honored to be a part of this and hopes that someday we will be afforded the ability to earn the opportunity to be a part of your teams continues success or your career advancement. We welcome and anticipate anyone’s questions and/or comments regarding our continued improvement. Let one of our experienced and trade dedicated staff assist you today.